About The Founder

Welcome to In-Tuned Bodywork

“Corina Guerrero, founder of In-Tuned Bodywork, is a licensed California Massage Therapist (CMT #75118) who has been passionately practicing for over seven years.  Every session with Corina is customized to each individual client’s needs. Sessions are never rushed, as Corina believes in taking her time with each session in order to help the client become in-tuned with their body and the body work being performed. She has vast experience working with clients who have disabilities, endure chronic/persistent pain, battle with autoimmune disorders, are recovering from strokes, suffer from injuries/surgeries, and those just seeking pure body relaxation. She is able to work with the neuromuscular system as well with all physiology. Corina’s focus it to keep one’s nervous system relaxed and engaged in a positive way, allowing for the body to truly process the massage.

  • licensed Neuromuscular Therapist/California Massage Therapist (#75118)
  • customizing each session to the client’s needs
  • take my time with each session
  • experience working with client’s with disabilities, chronic/persistent pain, autoimmune disorders, stroke, injuries/surgeries, and general public
  • work with neuromuscular system as well with all physiology


    Please feel free to contact In-Tuned Body Work with any questions you may have simply by clicking on the “Contact Me” tab or by phone at 831.708.1164.”

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